Hello everybody, I am

Péter Nyíri

When I get a new task, a new problem I have to solve, I like to think about all the possibilities and try them out as long as I don’t have the right way. This is the reason why I chose developing, programing as my job.

March 2, 1993

About my Skills

Programing developer

C++ - 30 h
C# - 50 h
JAVA - 500+ h
Oracle - 30 h
basic Web: Html5, CSS3, JQuery, AJAX, MYSQ, Bootstrap - 500+ h
NodeJS - 300+ h
Angular 1. - 300+ h
Angular 6+ - 400+ h
React + Redux - 250 h
Spring Boot - 250 h
Worpress - 500+ h
Unity - 150 h

Video effects and editing

Adobe After Effects - 150 h
Sony vegas - 80h


Driving license (B category)


In addition to programming, I enjoy being outdoors with my girlfriend. We like traveling in Hungary and discover other parts of Europe. We recently bought two rollers and now we almost take them everywhere. When we stay indoors, we often play some boardgames, watch movies or play some video games. When I’m alone, I like reading books, nowadays I choose foreign language books (the last book I read was “Ready Player Ome”).


RFQWP Request for quotation - WordPress plugin

Angular, PHP, MySql

May 2020 – Aug 2020

My client needed a form that can calculate a complex function from the submitted data. I haven’t found a plugin that has all the functionalities that we needed, so I decided, I will create a new one. The next idea was, if I create a complex WordPress plugin, why don’t I publish it? Therefore I created a site for the plugin and uploaded it to the WordPress repository.

RFQWP is a plugin using two Angular applications: one for the admin and one for public access.

3D model from Generated STL

CodeMetropolis Materialization

JAVA, OpenScad, Xml, Xsd

I wrote my thesis about CodeMetropolis materialization. CodeMetropolis is an open source program, which can visualize the source code as a Minecraft city. I created an extra module, which allows you to export the city to an stl file and you can print it with a 3D printer.

Patient data system

Java, Mysql

Jun 2019 – nowadays

I had started to create this program, because I recognized some problems in the system, what GPs use nowadays. I have not finish it yet.

Job application system

PHP, Mysql, WordPress

Feb 2019 – May 2019

I created a job application system for a company. It was a custom development and was created for a wordpress site.

Unique designs

Photoshop, Gimp, Adobe after effects

May 2019 – nowadays

I create designs for my company’s Instagram. I make designs on many themes, and every design has always been a new challenge.


NodeJS, React, Oracle

Februar 2018 – May 2018

We got to do a project in a system development university course. I chose jobseekers as mine. At the beginning of the development I have had to figure out how to connect to the university oracle server with Nodejs. When it was successful, I created a pdf for that and shared it with my teacher, because I was the first who tried to connect oracle with this technology. After that, the development wasn’t easy, but I did it according to my best knowledge and earned the maximum point for the program. Github repo


Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas

Jun 2018 – nowadays

I started to editing some videos


NodeJS, AngularJs

May 2017 – October 2017

I had an opportunity to develop a webshop with new technologies: NodeJS, AngularJS. When the development has begun, it was difficult to keep up, so much has to be learned, but I did not give up. As result I can develop in these frameworks at any time.

Javascript browser game

Task at university

January 2016 – March 2016

This is a mini browser game that was part of a course at the university. It was really fun to develope it.

Java CandyCrash

It was difficult but it was worth it

September 2015 – December 2015

In this course, the task was to make a similar game than CandyCrash without graphics, just using console. When I started writing this program line by line, hours after hours I started to understand OO programing structures. I think this was the moment when I really fell in love with the programming.

My first complex website, which still works.

PHP website (mysql)

September 2014 – December 2014

Segitekajandek was my first big project at university, what I made. This helps you and your family managing gifts(birthday, weddings etc.) This project helped me to understand Login/Singup system operations. I also learnt a lot about using database